Friday, January 20, 2012

Update on "Medical City" project in Puerto Morelos

Here is a recent article updating the potential "Medical City" project in Puerto Morelos.

[By the way --- If this potential project gets off of the ground, the potential for Puerto Morelos to be an incredible long term investment is excellent!]

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The creation of a medical city in Cancun is no longer just an idea to become a reality, even if it is long term, because given the nature of it will be completely ready in more than a decade, but the potential economic status will bring to the billions of dollars, said the president of the Association of Medical Travel, Medical Tourism Association in Quintana Roo, Servando Acuña Braun. In that sense, Acuña Braun explained that he is a team of experts in this type of projects carried out analysis of the construction of mega hospital complex, that it must meet the specifications must be located between Puerto Morelos and Solidaridad municipality.

Subsequently installed a trust to be composed of businessmen, doctors and officials from the three branches of government, who will be responsible for developing the same. "For the medical city right now we are in meetings with specialist advisers in the medical city building, and asked the state government to allocate the land and there are three possible under consideration, once it is, come and say advisers what is the right one, because it must meet certain specifications as being five or six miles from the airport at which time they enter a trust that has yet to be formed and then start building it, "he said. also explained that the first hospital to be built must have the latest in hospital technology, so that the cost the same is estimated at billions of dollars, why are investors looking for co domestic and foreign, while the second hospital may be an extension of those already operating in the city.

"We believe that the first hospital going to be a co investment between Mexican and U.S., we have already held talks with investors McCallen, in fact there are investors who also Jalisco invest in this hospital, the second is expected to be an expansion of those already here. investment to create this city is huge, as only the first clinic comes to 1.5 billion dollars, a thousand 500 million dollars, because in the case of hospitals it is not expensive construction, but the team, "he said.

Travel Medical President reiterated that the medical city is a project of 15 years, time that are covered between 10 and 15 clinics, and an area of retirees, better known as baby boomers, that would be built around the same, this will generate a source of jobs and an economic billionaire. But the hotels will benefit both Cancun and Riviera Maya, who are beginning to report the first benefits of this new tourist segment.

"About this medical city, is planning another mini city for retirees, which is a niche market important not because we have not yet capture all the medical facilities they need, but would trigger this segment becoming the retirement home and hospital of more than 60 million baby boomers, and in regard to the economic flow talk of billions, as at present a medical tourist leaves about nine thousand dollars (126,000 pesos) per visit, "he argued. Finally, Acuña Braun noted that already are taking the first steps to convert to the destination medical tourism paradise, because after the presentation of Cancun in the World Medical Tourism Congress in October 2011, it was necessary to national and international certification of hospitals, same start in February with the first courses of induction and with the participation of the 11 hospitals that are part of the association chairman. With that said this year, will be certified doctors, nurses and laboratories that are in these hospitals.

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