Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Medical City Project slated for Puerto Morelos

Photo Credit: El Economista
According to this article in the "El Economista", Puerto Morelos is the site for a major medical facility that is in the works.

Here is the Google Translation of the article for a mas o menos translation for non-Spanish readers:

The Medical Tourism Association in Cancun, Mexico or Medical Travel AC, ready to launch a high-level hospital concept called Medical City in an area between the city and the alcaldia of Puerto Morelos. 

Servando Acuña, president of the agency, explained that in early 2012 will define an area not less than 60 hectares, which houses between 10 and 15 of the most prestigious hospitals in Mexico, drawing air connectivity Cancun offers more than 140 cities Americans. 

The aim is to develop the infrastructure necessary to trigger medical tourism in the Mexican Caribbean, from hospitals and heliports, until recovery or clinical care rooms, mainly oriented to the U.S. demand for these services. 

This area will feature the most advanced methods of waste management, and various forms of medical services ranging from diagnostic centers or outpatient medicine to specialized teams in all kinds of diseases and ailments or areas of R & D. 

He said that Cancun offers the possibility to integrate these services for patients with all sorts of amenities for the companions and the medical staff of these hospitals, by incorporating hotels, shopping centers and transportation systems that form a healthcare destination experience as in Dubai.

However, he said that investment is still uncertain as uncertain is the size of the project is under development. Spearheading a national commitment 

In this vein, Acuña also announced that Cancun is leading the initiative to push from the federal Secretariat of Tourism of Mexico international release as a medical tourism destination and start in the same six years that promotion. 

The launch of the Mexican Caribbean was in 2011, including this offer in the promotion from the Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Tourism Promotion Trust the Riviera Maya is made in the U.S. market, but with limited infrastructure just beginning to consolidate to be able to wrest market share from Brazil, currently the power in terms of number of internationally certified hospitals are concerned.Currently there are 10 Mexican hospitals certified by the Joint Commission International, but there is an inventory of 159 medical institutions endorsed by the General Health Council are included in the bid, plans to launch from the Tourism Ministry to Mexico to promote internationally in this niche market he said. 

Figures from the Medical Travel Mexico AC, taken up in publications like The Economist and Time realize that health tourism bill currently 20.000 million and is expected to double that figure over the next 10 years. Only 2015 in the United States (main market is oriented medical supply Mexican Caribbean) will spend 20% of gross domestic product on health care while 25% of the population have no social security. 

Also, it is expected that 220 million baby boomers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand will need medical care in 2012, because every day about 11,000 of them age 50.

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