Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mariachi Music has been recognized by UNESCO on the Intangible Heritage List!

UNESCO judges review lists of cultural foods, music, and practices each year. Those that are integral to festivities or events, and are unique to a specific culture over generations are recognized.

Mariachi Music has made the list as one part of Mexico's Intangible Cultural Heritage!

According to UNESCO:
"Mariachi is a traditional Mexican music and a fundamental element of Mexican culture. Traditional Mariachi groups, made up of two or more members, wear regional costumes adapted from the charro costume and interpret a broad repertoire of songs on stringed instruments...The lyrics of Mariachi songs portray love of the earth, hometown, native land, religion, nature, fellow countrywomen and the strength of the country. Learning by ear is the main means of transmission of traditional Mariachi, and the skill is usually passed down from fathers to sons and through performance at festive, religious and civil events. Mariachi music transmits values of respect for the natural heritage of the regions of Mexico and local history in the Spanish language and the different Indian languages of Western Mexico."

Here is the full UNESCO judges' review.

A great Mariachi YouTube Video:

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