MRP Webinar Series

Mayan Riviera Properties Webinar Series Lineup! 

Throughout the year we host a series of Online Workshops. Feel free to join us; we'd love to have you! All of our workshops are free, and we do the very best to keep you up-to-date on the information you need.

Our webinars are online and live! Join us and our expert guests for solid information. Whether you plan to live, work, retire, or invest in Mexico, we'll try our best to bring you the information that you need to make great decisions. 

Each webinar will consist of a live presentation and then wrap up with Q&A. So, if you are able to join us live, you will have the opportunity to get all of your questions answered. If you aren't able to join us on the day/time, still register! We are happy to send you the video recording. 

Amber Pierce, your Webinar Host, is a Federally Certified/State Licensed AMPI Realtor in Mexico and has been living in Puerto Morelos since 2004. She has lived, traveled, worked, schooled their kids, opened business, constructed/remodeled both commercial and residential buildings, -- you name it -- in Mexico! Join her and her guests as they share solid information, aimed at helping other expats in Mexico. 

MRP Webinar -
Living, Retiring, Working, & Investing in Mexico: The FAQs

Date: May 13th, 2020

Time: 9 pm Eastern | 8 pm Central & Cancun | 7 pm Mountain | 6pm Pacific

Thinking about moving to Mexico? There are all sorts of questions that people have about Visas, Vehicles, Bank Accounts, Health Insurance, Home Ownership, Locations within Mexico, Why choose Mexico to begin with?...All the stuff you have to sort through before you can decide where to land. Amber Pierce, Owner/Broker of Mayan Riviera Properties, walks through all of these FAQs. Bring your questions! She'll be happy to answer them!

MRP Webinar -
Buying Real Estate in Mexico

Date: May 18th, 2020

Time: 9 pm Eastern | 8 pm Central & Cancun | 7 pm Mountain | 6pm Pacific

Thinking about buying real estate in Mexico? Amber Pierce, Owner/Broker of Mayan Riviera Properties will walk you through Bank Trusts, Mexican Corporations, the Restricted Zone, and the Buying Process so that you have a great understanding of the overall buying process and feel comfortable with your investment.

MRP Webinar - 
Homeowners in Mexico: What You Need to Know

Date: May 20th, 2020

Time: 9 pm Eastern | 8 pm Central & Cancun | 7 pm Mountain | 6pm Pacific

So you own a place...but now what? We are going to go through lots of helpful info for anyone that owns a property in Mexico!
Understand Your Paperwork
All About Your Trust
Estate Planning Tips
Capital Gains Tax
Taxes on Rental Income
New Laws that Affect Homeowners
Bring Along Any Questions You May Have!

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