Saturday, May 29, 2010

Puerto Morelos Fishing Tournament and Navy Day Celebration! Today thru Tuesday!

Be sure to stop by Puerto Morelos this weekend!  We are in the middle of our annual Fishing Tournament and Navy Day Celebration!

Boats leave today (Saturday) morning at 8 a.m. from the P.M. Dock.  They must return by 5 p.m.  So be to the docks around 4:00 to start seeing the amazing weigh-in of their trophy catches.  Tomorrow (Sunday) boats must be back by 2:00 p.m.

Meanwhile, there are LOTS of events going on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday!  Beach Volleyball, Beach Soccer, Sand Castle Building, Swimming Contests, Biking Contests, and lots more.  Dances are in the square at night!

See more info and event schedules at

See you there!
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Riviera Maya Jazz Festival Kicks Off May 29, 2010. Admission is FREE!

The annual Riviera Maya Jazz Festival is back.  Each year they hold FREE jazz concerts for one day in May and a 3 day event in November.  This year the event will be held at the Mamita's Beach Club (same place as last year).

MAY 29th, 2010


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Friday, May 21, 2010

Hammocks 101: A Mini-Course in Getting it Right

Here in Puerto Morelos, we live in the land of hammocks!  The Yucatan is the heart of the hammock making world and there is great opportunity to purchase beautiful hammocks here in town.  Check out Mauricio's hammock store in the Mayan Handicraft Center.  He has a great selection and prices!

I have hung hammocks, fallen out of hammocks, crashed in hammocks, and flipped out of hammocks.  Luckily, I have sustained little damage other than to my ego at times.

Every house needs at least one by the way.  I am pretty sure it's a law ;)  [And if it's not, it ought to be]  So if you don't have one -- figure out where you can hang one!

So, I thought I would share some practical advice about hammocks...


Hammocks come in various shapes, sizes, and materials:
  • Shapes:  There are standard hammocks to lie in.  There are also hammock chairs and while they are not the focus of this blog post, they're very comfortable as well!
  • Sizes:  Hammocks come in single person to family size.  For most cases, I prefer the double size hammock.  It's roomy, but not gigantic.
  • Materials:  Hammocks are made from both natural fibers  (cotton or other natural rope) and synthetic fibers (acrylic/polyester rope).  The main consideration in choosing materials is the placement of the hammock.  Natural materials, especially the soft cotton or sisal fibers are the most comfortable, but will degrade fairly rapidly unless they are in a covered area.  Some hammocks also have spreader bars that stretch out the hammock.  I strongly prefer hammocks without these for sleeping, but to each his/her own...
  • Weave:  In general, the tighter the weave, the more comfortable your hammock will be.

  • Obviously, hang your hammock from two sturdy points.  Don't hang them from something that could break from the weight.
  • Distance between Hanging Points:  The minimum distance between two points is the length of your hammock from end to end.  Ideally, distance is somewhere between your hammock's length to it's length + 3 feet.  (If your hammock needs shortening, a simple knot one or both ends will take up some of the length.)
  • The standard hammock will hang approx. 11 feet from end to end and about 6 feet from hammock ends to the ground to give the hammock a comfortable curve.  (See Figure Below.)
Photo Credit:

  • Hanging the Hammock with Rope:  Me, being a visual learner, have taken lots of photos of how to properly hang a hammock.  I think that it's much easier to see, rather than read!  This method is great because it uses only 2 pieces of rope, unties easily, is strong -- as it uses the weight of the person in the hammock for its strength, and minimizes friction to extend the lifespan of the hammock fibers.:
Hanging the Rope:

Hanging the Hammock:


  • Getting in and out of your hammock is simple -- if you do it correctly.  Simply, stradle the hammock, spread it open, and lay back.  Don't try to get in from one side or the other -- this is how you tip!
  • You'll find that laying on an angle is more comfortable, than laying exactly straight in the hammock as well.
Good Luck!  Happy Hammocking!!


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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Polo Tournament in Puerto Morelos this Weekend! Free Admission!

Just a quick reminder that the polo tournament kicks off Friday.  See my prior blog post here for more info.  Admission is free.  

Do you need a better excuse to get to wear a killer hat??  I am just sayin'....

Since you'll have a great hat for the polo event, you can have it pull double-duty.  The ladies of the International Women's Club (IWC) of Cancun are having their annual charity hat contest, auction, and raffle on June 5th.  The IWC is  just what it sounds like, an International Women's Club that meets for socials, raises money for charity, and from the sounds of it -- has a great ol' time.  I am interested in attending their next meeting.  Any other Puerto Morelian (or otherwise) women wish to join me?

Click To View Image in Larger Version.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Puerto Morelos Street View Now on Google Maps!

More Fantastic Stuff from the folks at Google!

Puerto Morelos now has Street Views on Google Maps!  Very Cool -- Must See!
  1. Go to Google Maps by clicking here
  2. Then enter Puerto Morelos, Mexico in the search bar and select the Puerto Morelos map.
  3. On the left side of the map there is a sliding bar to zoom the map in and out.  On the top of this sliding bar is a yellow man icon.  Click this yellow man and drag him onto any street in Puerto Morelos to start your Street View Tour of Puerto Morelos!
Enjoy!  It has occupied the better part of the last hour for me! 
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Polo Tournament in Puerto Morelos: 4th Annual Copa del Rey, May 20th - 23rd

The Copa del Rey Tournament returns to The Rey Polo Club in Puerto Morelos for its 4th year.  Admission is FREE.  Great chance to watch great polo!

Polo chukkers will be played May 21st - 23rd.  See schedule below.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Visiting the Costa Maya: Punta Allen, Mahahual, Xcalak

Our family recent took a quick getaway to the Costa Maya for a long weekend.  What a great trip to unwind!  

The Costa Maya is the coastline south of Tulum and extending toward Xcalak.  The Costa Maya definitely moves at a slow pace, unconnected, unplugged, and spectacular!  The area surrounds the Sian Ka'an Biosphere, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which offers a huge stretch of virgin coastline that is filled with flora, fauna, and Mayan ruins. 

We spent the first night in Punta Allen at the Cuzan Guesthouse.  This Guesthouse has rustic cabañas on the beach and offers fly fishing trips.  Be forewarned:  The road to Punta Allen is a rough one!
The second night we moved further down the coast to Mahahual.  It had been awhile since either Josh or I had been there.  What a change!  Mahahual features a cruise ship port, which has sparked a variety of restaurants and shops along its new malecon walkway.  We stayed in the Balamku Inn.  A lovely place just south of the hustle of the malecon area, the Inn has lovely accommodations that are supported by completely green technology.  Its 24/7 electricity is generated by wind/solar systems and the bathrooms feature composting septic systems.  While the infrastructure is self-generated, Balamku is an excellent example of how seamless green technology can now be -- you would hardly notice!

On the drive from Mahahual to Xcalak, there is a place called Xahuayxol.  Don't ask me how you pronounce it, but Josh and I both agreed that it was the most beautiful beach on the coast.
The next two nights were spent at another fishing lodge in Xcalak called the Costa de Cocos.  Another nice place with  cabañas, restaurant, and excellent staff.  Caden and Josh tried their hand at fly fishing.  Caden reeled in a bonefish and Josh caught a big permit on a spinning rod.

Other great places that we would have stayed had we had a bit more time or a few more nights are: Lake Bacalar and taken a kayak trip with the Ecological Center for the Sian Ka'an Biosphere.  The Center also offers accommodations that look spectacular in the heart of the Biosphere!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Photos from the 2010 Grand Slam Puerto Morelos Fishing Tournament

Last weekend was the annual Grand Slam Puerto Morelos Fishing Tournament!  Lots of people, lots of fun, and lots of fish!  We took out the Fishin' Boat and had a great time!  

We are gearing up for the next tournament at the end of the month!  [Check out the Community Events Calendar at the bottom of this blog for dates and details!]  Want to get in on the action?  Call the office and we'll get you on a boat!


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