Saturday, February 27, 2010

Results from the First Annual MRP Fishing Tournament & Potluck Dinner

Just thought I'd post some photos from our recent MRP Homeowner's Fishing Tournament & Potluck Dinner.  The potluck dinner is an annual event.  This was the first annual fishing tournament and we look forward to next year's!

Fishing Tournament Results:
  • Longest Fish:  Brenda, JP, and Niles Tucker brought in a big Amber Jack at 1.30 meters!
  • Smallest Fish:  This prize goes to the Curran's who hauled in a 4 incher
  • Ugliest Fish:  This prize goes to the Curran Crew again.  They caught a REALLY ugly squirrel fish!

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Update: Cecilia Still Needs Help

This is an update to the prior blog, posted on Feb 20th

The following is a partial excerpt from a website that has been set up to track Cecilia's recovery

On February 18th a terrible accident took place in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.
Cecilia León and her friend Danny Rippe were at home in their little palapa in Puerto Morelos, the accident occurred due to a gasoline explosion that turned into a rapid and destructive fire. They were taken to a hospital in Cancun, Mexico with very severe burns.

As a result of this terrible accident Cecilia has 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her legs, torso and arms. She’s had 3 operations and is in urgent need of 3 more in order to regenerate her body’s skin, and she’ll have to wait a long and painful time to recover, not to mention the expenses this also involves.

Tragically Danny had burns on 90% of his body and died on Saturday 20th at 12:00 pm. In a matter of a second their life changed completely.

Donations are still being accepted for Cecilia's ongoing treatment and hospitalization.  Interested in making a donation?  Contact Catriona Brown of the El Munda Para Puerto Morelos Charity.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Puerto Morelos Fishing Charters!

Josh & I are going to be chartering our boat!!  Creatively named "Fishin' Boat" by our son, Caden,  it's a great boat to enjoy the beautiful Puerto Morelos waters! 

In addition to great crew, the boat has the best in equipment and creature comforts!

  • All of the Fishing Gear, Quality PENN Reels, & Fish-finder Equipment
  • It's our family boat, so I have it comfortably equipped with cushions, hand sanitizer, iPod loaded with songs -- or bring your own, Bose Speakers, Life Jackets in sizes: Infant-Adult, Dry Bags for your wallet and cell phone, etc.
  • It has an enclosed bathroom!! -- This is important folks ;)

Interested in going out?  Check out our website:

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Puerto Morelian Spotlight: New Blog About the Yummy Puerto Morelos Food Fare!

Mary Jordan, a lovely Puerto Morelian, has started a FANTASTIC blog!  La Vida Es Rica explores Puerto Morelos through its yummy food!

Good Food & Puerto Morelos -- This gal is right up my alley!!

Mary has a great sense of humor, a flair for writing, and is passionate about Puerto Morelos (and it's food).  Be sure to add her to your blog reader or subscribe by email -- We're sure to be impressed, entertained, ...and hungry!

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fundraiser for Cecilia & Daniel -- Sunday, 1 p.m. @ La Suegra

Dear Fellow Puerto Morelians,

Cecilia (Pizza & Love) and her friend Daniel Ripley need our help.  Below is the news bulletin from Catriona, El Mundo Para Puerto Morelos Charity:

Last night at around 5.30pm Cecelia Leon (Love and Peace Pizza) and Daniel Ripley were at home in their little palapa in Puerto Morelos. As a result of an accident ,with gasoline, there was a rapid and destructive fire. Danny's son and his mother were out of the house at the Primary school fundraiser.

Cecelia and Danny were taken to Amerimed Hospital where Cecelia was operated on this morning for burns to her legs, arms, torso and face.

Danny has burns to 90% of his body and remains in a critical condition, his brother, mother and son are with him along with his ex-wife Marie Douce and they await the arrival of his father.

Their hospital expenses are crippling and Cecelia cannot be moved yet, when she can she will go to a clinic that is not as expensive, then eventually to a friend's house in Puerto Morelos for recovery.

Right now she needs help paying her immediate bills and for her next operation on this coming Monday, her family is coming from Argentina early next week.

To help her we are having a fundraiser thanks to the generosity of John Gray and Karl

SUNDAY 1pm - 5pm at La Suegra on the beach

John Gray is donating 15% of sales of all drinks and food to Cecelia's hospital Fund!! It is an a la carte menu with many reasonably priced items so come on down for Sunday lunch on the beach. Live music from the Pescayito's band too.

John is introducing the Bucket Option! which is a little game we will tell you about on Sunday - the prize for the winner of this game receives a 5 course luxury dinner with champagne at any of John's restaurants with the food overseen personally by John, marvellous prize.

It's been a while since the whole town has got together for a party, let's have some fun and help Cecelia!!

For those of you not in town at the moment ,and want to help, you can donate through the charity and we will mark that money specifically for Cecelia's Hospital Fund. Go to and send money to my email address, please make a note on the message what it is for, it will go to the account of El Mundo para Puerto Morelos.

I am not sure at this moment which email address Cat is referring to, but if you contact her directly through the El Mundo Para Puerto Morelos website, she will give you the details to make the paypal donation.

UPDATE -- Catriona's Paypal Email is:

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Friday, February 19, 2010

IMPORTANT NEWS BULLETIN: For Monday, February 22nd


Enough said.  Plan Accordingly.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recent Puerto Morelos Travelogs

Cruising the Internet, I found these recent travelogs by Puerto Morelos Visitors:

I love seeing Puerto Morelos from a different perspective, don't you?

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fairs, Fiestas, & Snakes -- By

Here are two great, recent articles by the folks at
  1. A great list of Fairs and Fiestas that take place during the year in the Yucatan peninsula.  If I can encourage fellow Puerto Morelians to do anything, it is to use Puerto Morelos as a hub to see the rest of Mexico.  Right here, on this peninsula, is a lifetime of traveling and experiences.  Seeing the pueblos at a fair or fiesta is an excellent chance to see the towns at their finest moments.
  2. An excellent article about the venomous and non-venomous snakes found in the Yucatan.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FYI: Applebee's in Cancun has 50% off All Week!

If you happen to be stuck in Cancun this week  (like I was yesterday) and in need of some food, stop by Applebee's.  It's their Anniversary week and their whole menu is 50% off.  Great deals...Especially for their baby back BBQ ribs!

Applebee's in Cancun is located across the street from the Walmart in downtown Cancun, near Plaza Hollywood.

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Fun Women's Gathering This Wednesday! See you There!

I just received an awesome invitation that I wanted to share!

It is an open invitation to all of the ladies who would like to get together: 
Wednesday, February 17th
3 to 5 p.m.  
Mary Jordan's Condo at Las Iguanas
Las Iguanas is on Av. Javier Rojo Gomez -- North of the Town Square, Yellow and Orange buildings, About a 1.5 blocks from where the road dead-ends.

The lovely Mary Jordan will be hosting a trunk show by fellow Puerto Morelian, Susan Harrison!   Check Out Susan's Website Here. How Fun!!  Susan -- for those of you who don't know her -- is extremely talented, crafty, and just makes awesome things.   

Here is the Invite (Click to View it Larger):

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Understanding Your Electric Bill from CFE!

Do you know how to read your electric meter, your electric bill, or understand how you are being charged?

CFE has an excellent website that explains it, line by line, charge by charge.  However, it's in Spanish -- but don't fear!  Download and use the Google Translate Toolbar to translate the site into English (or whatever language you speak)!

Just a few quick notes about electric bills before we begin:
  1. The following examples are for properties that use CFE's transformers.  If you have your own, private transformer, your CFE bill will appear much differently and examples below may not apply.
  2. For reasons unknown, CFE uses several different layouts for these electric bills.  So if your bill doesn't look exactly like the examples shown, no worries -- the titles of the charges are the same, they just may not appear on the bill as they do in the following examples.
  3. These examples and rates are from February 2010.  Please check the CFE website links given throughout the article for the most up-to-date info.

First:  Learning to Read your Meter

Your meter has 5 clock-like wheels with numbers 0-9.  Note that some go clockwise and others counter-clockwise.  Like reading a clock -- if the hand is on, or has not yet passed the next number, that number will be registered.  Here are several examples:



Want to try out your meter reading skills?  The above are screenshots from a learning module on CFE's website.  You can see "Ejemplos" or try out your skills under the "Ejercicios" tab.

Second:  Learning to Read your Bill


  • "Numero de Sevicio": This is your contract number for this connection at CFE.
  • "Total a Pagar": The amount due
  • "Fecha limite de pago": The last date you can pay your bill before CFE has the option of cutting your power.  Important to know:  These folks don't mess around.  Unlike U.S. power companies, they will cut your service promptly and charge an additional reconnection fee.
  • "Uso":  Category of Use.  In this case, it is domestic.
  • "Tarifa": This is the tariff category of your service.  This is important, as this determines what rate schedule is used by CFE to assess your usage.
  • "Hilos":  If you have a "1" in this category, you have single-phase service and only receive 110 service.  If you have a "2" in this category, you have two-phase service and have 220 service (necessary for air conditioners or any other 220 appliance).  A "3" in this category is...get ready for it...three-phase service.

  • "Numero de Medidor":  Your meter number.  This should match the number displayed on your electric meter.
  • "Lectura Actual":  This is the actual reading of your meter at the end of your billing period.
  • "Lectura Anterior": This was the reading from your last reading/start of your billing period.
  • "Mult.":  This is a number that CFE use as a coefficient to assess your charges.  It is normally 1.
  • "Consumo kWh": This is the amount of kilowatt hours that were used during your billing period.  This is found by subtracting "Lectura Anterior" from "Lectura Actual", then multiplying by the "Mult." number.
    • In this example it would be: 1941 - 1294 = 647.  647 x 1 =  647 kWh.
  • "Periodo de Consumo":  Start date and End date of the billing period.  Note that most residential services are assessed for 2 months at a time.
  • "Dias": The number of days in the billing period.
  • "Promedio Diario":  Average consumption per day during the billing period.  Calculated by dividing the "Consumo" by the number of "Dias".
    • In this example it would be: 647 / 62 =  10.43 average kWh per day

Your electricity usage is assessed in 3 categories: 
  • "Basico":  This is the basic rate for the first amount of kWh consumed.
  • "Intermedio":  This is rate, higher than the basic rate, for the second amount of kWh consumed.
  • "Excedente":  When you have used more electricity than the Basico and Intermedio thresholds, the balance of your consumption is charged at this level -- the most expensive of the 3 categories.
How many kWh's are in each category and what are the rates?  Your "Tarifa" will dictate how many kWh's you are allotted in each category and the prices.  These prices and thresholds can change seasonally.  [See the 'KNOWING YOUR RATES' section below for more details.]
  • In the above example, (which has a "Tarifa" category of 1B) the first 150 kWh were assessed at the "Básico" rate of 0.687 pesos per kWh, for a total of 103.05 pesos.  The next 150 kWh were assessed at the "Intermedio" rate of 1.137 pesos per kWh, for a total of 170.55 pesos.  The balance of the kWh's, 347, were assessed at the "Excedente" rate of 2.409 pesos per kWh, for a total of 835.92 pesos.  [The "Suma" column is simply the total of each column.]

  • "Costo de Producción": This is the cost before any subsidy or discount is given.
  • "Aportación Gubernamental":  This is the amount of government subsidy that is credited toward the amount owed.
    • In this example, the total cost was $2010.22 pesos and the government subsidized $900.70 pesos, so the total due will be $1109.52 pesos.

    • "Energía": This is the total due, after the government subsidy.
    • "IVA":  This is the sales tax, which is 11% in the state of Quintana Roo (It is 16% in some other states.)
    • "Fac. del Periodo":  This is your "Energía" + IVA
    • "DAP":  This is a municipal tax.
    • "Adeudo Anterior": This was the amount of your previous bill.
    • "Su Pago": This is the amount you paid toward your last bill.
    • "Total": This is the amount you must pay, with all credits and debits considered.

    • "Historial de Consumo":  This is a historical review of your consumption.

      • "Avisos Importantes":  This is the space where they will post any notes/comments.

        EXAMPLE BILL #2:

         (Click to enlarge image)

        Notice that this bill has a flat fee charged under the "Facturación" section, and there is no government subsidy.  That is due to this bill being in the "DAC" category.  Unfortunately, it isn't obvious, because it does not indicate directly on this bill that it is being billed at the DAC level.  However, when you see  it being billed at a flat rate with no subsidy, you can know that you are being billed at the DAC level.

        What is DAC?  It is Domestic High Consumption.  You are charged a much higher, flat rate per kWh, you have a higher monthly minimum charge, and receive no subsidy.

        How did I get into DAC?  Each "Tarifa" category has different threshold of maximum monthly kWh that is permitted (see chart below).  When your last 12 months' usage averages above this threshold, you are charged at the DAC rates.

        DAC Thresholds for the Various Tarifa Categories:

        Tarifa 1: 25 kWh/mes.
        Tarifa 1A:  300 kWh/mes.
        Tarifa 1B:  400 kWh/mes.
        Tarifa 1C:  850 kWh/mes.
        Tarifa 1D:  1,000    kWh/mes.
        Tarifa 1E:  2,000 kWh/mes.
        Tarifa 1F:  2,500 kWh/mes.

        • Continuing with our Tarifa 1B example: When you are in Tarifa 1B the maximum monthly threshold is 400 kWh.  As you can see in their historical section, this particular property has been well over this threshold, on average, for the past 12 months. So, their charges are assessed at the DAC level - a flat rate of 2.892 pesos/kWh and no subsidy.

        How do you get out of DAC?  Your 12 month average consumption must remain under the threshold (400 kWh for Tarifa 1B) to return to a normal billing cycle.

        Third: Knowing Your Rates

        • Your rate schedule is dictated by your "Tarifa" category.
        • You will have a low monthly minimum fee that is determined by your "Tarifa" category.  
          • Example:  Tarifa 1B has a minimum charge for equivalent of 25 kWh monthly.
        • Your kWh consumption will be billed at the Basico, Intermedio, and Excedente levels.  The threshold for these levels and the prices per kWh for each level vary according to the time of year.  In summer (which is April - September in our area) we have lower rates and higher thresholds to help keep prices lower.  Summer months will vary by region, so ask CFE if you are unsure. 
        • You will receive a government subsidy that pays for a portion of your bill.
        • The regular (non-DAC) per kWH rates, by "Tarifa" category, are posted on here on CFE's website

        Below, is the regular (non-DAC) rate schedule for Tarifa 1B from CFE's Website.  Remember to check their site for the most current rates.

        Tarifa 1B Rate Chart

        SUMMER RATES (April - September in Our Area):
        For Consumption of Up to 225 kWh monthly
        Rango de consumo Dic./2009 Ene. Feb. Mar. Abr. May. Jun. Jul. Ago. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dic.

        Bsico 1-1250.6050.6070.6090.6110.6130.6150.6170.6190.6210.6230.6250.6270.629

        For Consumption Higher than 225 kWh monthly
        Rango de consumo Dic./2009 Ene. Feb. Mar. Abr. May. Jun. Jul. Ago. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dic.

        Bsico 1-1250.6050.6070.6090.6110.6130.6150.6170.6190.6210.6230.6250.6270.629
        Intermedio 126-2000.9080.9110.9140.9170.9200.9230.9260.9290.9320.9350.9380.9410.944

        For Consumption Up to 175 kWh monthly
        Rango de consumo Dic./2009 Ene. Feb. Mar. Abr. May. Jun. Jul. Ago. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dic.

        Bsico 1-750.6850.6870.6890.6910.6930.6950.6970.6990.7010.7030.7050.7070.709

        For Consumption Up Higher than 175 kWh monthly
        Rango de consumo Dic./2009 Ene. Feb. Mar. Abr. May. Jun. Jul. Ago. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dic.
        Intermedio 1-750.6850.6870.6890.6910.6930.6950.6970.6990.7010.7030.7050.7070.709
        Intermedio 76-1501.1331.1371.1411.1451.1491.1531.1571.1611.1651.1691.1731.1771.181

        • Your "Tarifa" category sets the maximum monthly average consumption threshold.  If your last 12 month consumption average exceeds this threshold, you are catapulted into the DAC rate until your 12 month average is below the threshold again.
        • Your DAC rate is set by the region of the country.
          • Our region is "Region Sur y Peninsular".
        • Your minumum fee = fixed charge + the equivalent cost of 25 kWh consumption.
          • The fixed charge for our region in February 2010 was 69.68 pesos.
        • Your kWh consumption will be billed at a flat rate (rather than be prorated into the Basico, Intermedio, and Excedente levels) that varies monthly.  The rate fluctuates monthly and is not published in advance like the regular rate.  However, it is published on CFE's website.
        • You will not receive a government subsidy.

        Hopefully, this helps clear things up!  Have questions?  Please leave your questions as a "comment" on the original blog post at so that the questions and response can be viewed by everyone.

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        Thursday, February 11, 2010

        Puerto Morelos Elementary School Benefit: Monday, Feb. 15th!

        The 6th Annual Primary School Fundraiser is Monday, February 15th at 5:00 p.m.  Be sure to stop by the elementary school to enjoy music, food, drinks, and dessert!  It's always a lot of fun!  Be sure to bring your wallet!! ;)  

        The elementary school is on the corner of Calle Javier Rojo Gomez and Adolfo Lopez Mateos, next to Hotel Villas Latinas.

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        Property Taxes in Mexico

        In December, the tax office allows you to pay to taxes for the following year early and at up to a 25% discount.  Also, if you are going to pay your taxes, it is worth the trip into the municipial building in Cancun, rather than paying them in Puerto Morelos.  As of now, the two do not share a central database for recording payments.  So, the Puerto Morelos office has you recorded as paid and the Cancun office doesn't.  Of course, you can always present your receipts and get the difference corrected in Cancun's main office -- but it's easier to just do it in Cancun and avoid the potential of having to pay twice in case you should loose the receipt.

        Reminder:  Have you paid your 2010 predial tax yet?

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        Monday, February 8, 2010

        Carnival in Puerto Morelos!! Feb 12th - 16th!

        Here is the poster of Carnival Events in Puerto Morelos:
        Click on the Poster to Enlarge.

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        Puerto Morelos Activities Guide!

        Support Local Puerto Morelians!  Check out the new Activities Guide!  It has hand-selected favorites! 

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        Saturday, February 6, 2010

        New Look for!

        Have you visited lately?  It has a whole new look!  It is still under construction, but the majority of work has been completed!  
        Phew....this has been a long time coming!

        Great New Features!  Web Cam Coming Soon!  Check it out and let me know what you think!  You can leave your comments below!

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        Thursday, February 4, 2010

        Spanish Classes at the Casa de la Cultura

        The Casa de la Cultura is now offering Spanish Classes!

        Mondays & Wednesdays
        6:00 - 7:00 pm
        Classes start Monday, February 8th

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