Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Few Puerto Morelos News Items

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Congrats, Puerto Morelos Fisherman!  They hauled in FOUR TONS of lionfish during the month of November!!!

Check out this article from, written by Paul Higgins.  He decided to take a sabbatical and set sail.  His travels took him to Puerto Morelos to try and help a fellow sailor in distress.  He ended up creating a sailing chart program out of the experience.

Puerto Morelos is home to a marine biology lab for the National University of Mexico.  There are a variety of research projects that happen here.  I often meet scientists from all over the world who travel here for their research.  Here is a recent article, from research generated here in Puerto Morelos, about the acidification of the oceans and its effect on coral reefs.

In other research news from our UNAM Biology Lab, Puerto Morelos -- along with several other Mexican cities -- have had monitoring stations installed underwater to record the effects of climate change.

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