Monday, January 2, 2012

15 New Puerto Morelos Employees

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Now that Puerto Morelos has been designated an Alcaldia, extra government employees will be needed to fulfill the expanded duties of the governmental offices for the town. is reporting that 15 new employees will be added.  Here are is the good ol' mas o menos translation thanks to Google Translate:

The mayor of Puerto Morelos, Manuel Garcia Salas, said a total of 15 new staff will be hired to work on the new mayor, after being granted the budget that would allow members of the Municipality of Benito Juarez, who was 18 million pesos. 

"I talked with General Secretary (Eduardo Ibarra Galaviz) to start well and arm structure which will be the decentralization of functions of the municipality of Puerto Morelos, and handed me a letter in which I asked to do the organizational structure required for the functioning of the municipality, the functions of each of the administrative units that comprise it and the staff salary tab charge, "he said. 

The municipal official noted that this procedure is done "so that in January to finish the transition process and to conclude what is the decentralization of functions, which let's see how we will act on the part of the Mayor of Puerto Morelos. 

The first week of January has to jump-start the new directions. "When asked about what is needed to materialize the process of mayor of Puerto Morelos, Garcia said the rest rooms that give them the resource budget was 18 million dollars to start trading in shape.He stated that the budgeted 18 million, two million are to work with which to build the offices of the mayor, which will house all directions and the council, as is done in the City Hall of the Municipality of Benito Juarez . 

On another topic, the mayor of Puerto Morelos said that the works to the benefit of the population continue, as it is planning a soccer field, paving streets and building entrances to public beaches in that locality, works carried After the state government through the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

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