Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dragon Mart Project Update

Bringing you the latest news on the upcoming Dragon Mart Project:

The project's official website is online: http://dragonmart.org/english/index.asp

Interestingly, the website still contains the grand opening date of December 2012.  Yet, this recent article states that permits are not yet complete, and construction hasn't yet begun. Perhaps, a December 2012 opening date is a bit optimistic.

The project is slated to include:
  • 100,000 square meters / 1,076,000 square feet of exhibition space
  • 84 hectares / 208 acres
  • Total of 235,000 square meters / 2,528,600 square feet of total construction, which will include the construction of 4000 homes to accommodate 2500 Chinese workers.

YouTube Video (in Spanish) about the project:

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1 comment:

  1. We DO NOT need or want a shopping mall infutrated with 3,500 chinese works and good from a hardline communist country that sets out to destroy anything in it's path.

    If this allowed to take place Puerto Morelos will LOSE ALL of it's seasonal vacationers and the existing areas that have around for decades will all have businesses,etc that will be forced to shutter and will relocate to other areas due to a lack of business. Also, if allowed to take place the road systems in places will NEVER be able handle the traffic problems that will come with it and there will also be ecosystem and pollution issues as well. DOWN WITH DRAGON MART !