Sunday, January 29, 2012

Recap of Saturday, Jan 28 2012 Puerto Morelos Music Fest

Did you miss the Puerto Morelos Music Fest last night??  If so, here are some quick clips from various perfomances!

See you all next Thursday for another 3 days of great music!

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  1. I am enjoying the blog! My family is considering visiting Puerto Morelos. I like the feel of it just reading about it over the internet!

    Here's a question for you: What is the address and telephone number of the police station in Puerto Morelos? (My daughter is a student at a US military academy and is required to supply this information when requesting permission for foreign travel.)

    Also, if you plan to use public transportation when in Puerto Morelos, where is the most convenient section of town to find a hotel?

  2. Anonymous: Glad you enjoy the blog! Puerto Morelos is really a special place. I am sure that you will enjoy it!

    The telephone for the police station is: +52 998.206.9104 It really doesn't have an address. You could use:

    Av. Jose Maria Morelos
    Puerto Morelos Town Square
    Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo
    Mexico 77580

    Hotels: Look for something downtown. As them if the collectivo (small public buses) passes in front of their location. (Taxis are available everywhere.)

    We could also rent you a great condo or house, if that interests you ;)

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