Thursday, October 20, 2011

Travelog: CancunCanuck Visits Mexico City

As most of you know, there is little that I enjoy more than traveling in Mexico.  Living so close to the Cancun airport, makes Puerto Morelos a great hub to venture out for quick trips to see other parts of this amazing country! 

Seasoned Puerto Morelians:  If you haven't yet used Puerto Morelos as a travel hub -- I couldn't recommend it more!!

Mayan Shaman Blessing CancunCanuck
Photo Credit: CancunCanuck

My fellow-blogging-friend Kelly, the CancunCanuck, recently made a weekend trip to Mexico City.  Her travelog is fabulous and certainly makes me want to pack my bags!  I have yet to spend time in Mexico City for anything more than an airport layover ---- but it is definitely on "The List"!

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