Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hurricane Rina Update: 8 am CST

National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Rina, 8 am Update

Great News!!

Rina is a Category 1 and is expected to weaken as she gets to land.  Looks like we are likely to get Tropical Storm Force winds (approx. 75 miles/hour), a storm surge of 2-4 feet.

That is completely do-able!  Yay!  Much better than the Category 3 they were predicting Tuesday!

Keep in mind that weaker storms oftentimes result in more personal injuries than larger storms.  In big storms, the wind is too strong to go outside.  In weaker storms, people may be tempted to go outside, check out the waves, etc.  This is how people get hurt or killed.  Stay inside away from flying coconuts and rogue waves.  Stay Safe Everyone!!

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