Friday, October 28, 2011

Post Tropical Storm Rina Photos

Just went for a walk on the beach.

Didn't see any dead turtles or fish on the beach -- which is a normal, but depressing find.  The beach accesses are a little washed out.  There are a few lines down -- either from the storm or from boats being pulled out in pre-storm prep.  A few less palm fronds, a few less cocos.

But overall, no worse for wear!

The Beach Accesses have trails carved from the surge.

Bird Looking For Booty

Another Looker

Beach Access needing a little fill

The "Piece of Paradise" made it through just fine

Can't say for certain whether this looked like this before... ;)

Drying Out
People checking out the dock

Casa Martin is open for business

Dona Triny is opening

Putting out their wares

Keep an eye out.  There are low/downed phone lines around town.

Church is open
Buried up to his elbows

And she still leans...

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  1. Thanks for the report....things are looking good!! :D

  2. What is "Piece of Paradise" in the pota Rina photo? Where can we eat lion fish?

  3. I is someone's private beach palapa. (They have a sign next to the door that says "Piece of Paradise".)

    The chefs were just learning to prepare lion fish at the end of last high season. It will be interesting to see which ones will offer it this year. I hear it is pretty tasty!