Friday, October 28, 2011

Post Tropical Storm Rina Photos

Just went for a walk on the beach.

Didn't see any dead turtles or fish on the beach -- which is a normal, but depressing find.  The beach accesses are a little washed out.  There are a few lines down -- either from the storm or from boats being pulled out in pre-storm prep.  A few less palm fronds, a few less cocos.

But overall, no worse for wear!

The Beach Accesses have trails carved from the surge.

Bird Looking For Booty

Another Looker

Beach Access needing a little fill

The "Piece of Paradise" made it through just fine

Can't say for certain whether this looked like this before... ;)

Drying Out
People checking out the dock

Casa Martin is open for business

Dona Triny is opening

Putting out their wares

Keep an eye out.  There are low/downed phone lines around town.

Church is open
Buried up to his elbows

And she still leans...

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