Sunday, October 23, 2011

Several Things

Got lots of little tidbits to share!  Enjoy!!

  • This weekend marks the 6th year anniversary of Hurricane Wilma.  For those of us who toughed her out, we all have our stories to share.  CancunCanuck has been publishing people's stories.  They have been neat to read. 

    Where were you during Wilma?  What is your story?  We'd love to hear it!! Share it in the comments area!

    The remarkable thing is that 6 years out -- It's amazing the work, investment, and progress that has been made!

  • Netflix is now in Mexico! [If you use this link, you can select "English" at the top of the page.]  No more needing a VPN service to watch movies!  Great solution for watching a little tube!

  • The TweetUp event that was scheduled for last night was cancelled at the last minute.  Organizers have vowed to reschedule.  You know Twitter is a fickle thing...

  • I came across this fun Puerto Morelos Wallpaper for your computer desktop.  A little piece of Puerto for wherever you are...

  • I was recently invited to be a guest blogger for a great design blog, Threadesque!  How fun!!  Here's my contribution to sneaking my favorite Mexican Design Elements into a more traditionally designed home...

Josh, the kids, and I headed to Cancun's Market 23 yesterday.  It is overflowing the Day of the Dead goodies!!  It's my favorite time of year to be in the market!  We have all of the trimmings to make our altar for this year!  Stay tuned...

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