Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Preparing for a Hurricane


Pre-Storm Preparation:
  1. Secure Your Outside Area:  Take a look around your house/area and look for things that can be secured so that they won't go flying.  Cut down weakened tree limbs; Secure Tinacos -- fill them with water & store the lid inside; Tie Gates Closed; Remove Sconces; Store Flower Pots; etc.
  2. Your Pool:  For smaller storms, you can drop the level of your pool.  For big storms, it won't matter -- They are going to overflow.  If you are on the ocean, use caution in lowering your pool by more than several feet.
  3. Your Windows:  We have mentioned before that plywood is not ideal, but if that is what you have -- you will want to cover your windows with it.  Close Hurricane Shutters if you have them.
  4. Your Generator:  Be sure that you have a sufficient gas supply and that your generator is in good working condition.  Remember to check the battery!
  5. In Your Home:  Pick up all rugs and delicate items that are in the floor.  Lift all curtains well above floor level.  Remove or tuck in bedding so that it is not near the floor level.  It will get wet and draw the water up into your mattress.  Assume your windows will leak -- They all do. 
  6. Your Electricity:  In stronger storms, the city will turn off the power or it goes out on its own. If you lose power, turn off your electrical main and leave it off until after the city power supply has been restored.  You don't want the surge coming into your lines when they turn the grid on again. 
  7. Your Gas Line:  As a precaution, we turn off the gas supply at the tank.  If gas lines were to break, it would prevent a gas leak.  The gas leak would be costly at the least and dangerous at the worst.
  8. Your Food/Water/Medications/Pet Food Supply:  Have on hand sufficent water supply, non-perishable foods, medications, and pet food for the storm's expected duration + 3-5 extra days.
  9. Get Rainy Day Items to Keep You Occupied:  Gather decks of playing cards, books, etc. to while away your time inside. 
  10. The Proteccion Civil in Cancun has a Facebook page.  They have been good about sending updates.  Use Google Translate to help out your Spanish.  ;)
During the Storm:
  1. DON'T GO OUTSIDE!!  A famous comedian once said, "It's not THAT the wind is  blowing.  It's WHAT the wind is blowing!"  ...And he's right!  Please don't win the Darwin Award by being swept away by a rouge wave or a flying coconut to be a amateur journalist!!
  2. If you are ordered to evacuate, then do it!  Let's face it, if you are there during a severe storm -- You aren't able to hold the house up if something does happen (See #1).  So leave!  You can go inland, you can go south -- your evacuation location will depend on the track of the particular storm. 
After the Storm:
  1. Be Extra Careful:  Wires may be down and power can travel in the puddles!!  Be aware of things precariously hanging from rooftops, trees, etc.  
  2. Be a Good Neighbor:  This is what Mexico does best!  Check on your neighbors to be sure everyone is getting along OK.

If you are a Mayan Riviera Properties client, we have a protocol in place for Hurricane Prep.  Please see our website for details.


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