Sunday, October 16, 2011

Humanimals Show tentatively rescheduled for Tonight at 8pm

Well for those of you that aren't here -- It has been raining CATS & DOGS since Friday.

Fortunately, our mangrove is taking a long drink of water.  This time of year is the height of our rainy season.  Normally, we get quick burst of showers and then beautiful sun in-between.  But, when a tropical depression sits over us, as one does now, we are in for a pretty damp future.

We have nestled in for the weekend -- carving pumpkins, decorating for Day of the Dead, and generally preventing stir-craziness.

Our Pumpkins

Unfortunately -- What looks to be an incredible Humanimals Show in the Town Square was washed out last night.  They have tentatively rescheduled the show for tonight, Sunday, October 16 at 8 pm.  Maybe the rains will let up enough for them to perform.  If not, I'll keep you posted if there is any chance for them to reschedule.

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  1. we came last night to see the show but had dinner instead. while we were dining, we asked about the show, our waitress said that one of the girls in the show was dining at another table and she would ask. the girl said that they will be doing a show every sunday but not today. (oct 16) i wonder if that's changed?

  2. Hi Tina,

    Thanks for reading the blog and sharing the info!

    The info that I received via email from the Casa de la Cultura, who is responsible for coordinating the show, said that they were going to try to have it tonight (Sunday). It didn't make any mention of other Sundays -- but I would imagine that the girl in the show would know??

    If the Casa de la Cultura sends out any other announcements, I will post it.