Monday, November 28, 2011

#PuertoMorelos #MexMonday! Can you guess where this pic was taken??

In world of Twitter, each Monday is a celebration of Mexico known as #MexMonday.  (For non-Twitter peeps, the # symbol is a way to designate a phrase -- called a hashtag in Twitter -- that can be searched within Twitter.  Therefore, if I searched for "#MexMonday" on any given Monday, Twitter would reveal all posts that include the #MexMonday phrase.)

To celebrate #MexMonday's, we are going to have a new feature on the blog!  We are going to have #PuertoMorelos #MexMonday each and every Monday!  I am hoping that you all enjoy and take part!!

To celebrate all things Puerto Morelos, I am going to post a photo from our favorite little town.  You all get to guess where the photo was taken.  Some might be easy, some may not...

Here is the first photo to celebrate #PuertoMorelos #MexMonday:

Can you guess where this photo
was taken in Puerto Morelos?

Leave a comment on our blog post with your guess at where the photo was taken.  I'll provide the answer next Monday, along with another photo for your guessing pleasure!

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  1. Piece of cake! Or perhaps ~ in this case ~ Eggs Benedict? Gotta be Casa Caribe/Little Mexican Cooking School? Can hardly wait to check it out!

  2. That photo is taken at my favorite place to sit and have coffee and a bagel and a visit with my hubbie and our two favorite friends in PM!

  3. We're pretty sure this is Café d’Amanci, on the corner of the square, where the owner's little green bug is usually parked in front... Missing it heaps!
    Laurie and Mike

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