Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lionfish: From Pest to Plate! Includes Video Footage from Puerto Morelos!

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The lionfish is a non-native, invasive, and venomous species that is invading our waters.  There are numerous efforts to get their numbers controlled.  The best option is to give them a good market value!  And guess what??  They just happen to be super tasty!!

Please support our reef by requesting lionfish at your favorite Puerto Morelos fish joint.  Hopefully, if it becomes a popular restaurant fare, it will help to reduce their numbers!!

Recently, the efforts of one researcher to improve fishing techniques with local Puerto Morelos fisherman was highlighted in this video and article by Channel 5 News of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

"When Wayzata, Minnesota native Dave Johnson married a Mexican woman from the Yucatan Peninsula he couldn't have known he would end up commuting to the Playa Riviera to hunt down and try to eliminate and exotic species that is devastating coral reefs."  Read full article here.

Part 1:

Part 2:

MUCHAS GRACIAS to fellow Puerto Morelian, Steve Johnson, for sharing this great article and video!

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