Friday, November 11, 2011

Mexico makes steps toward going green!

Several recent news articles have highlighted Mexico's recent efforts at going green.

Photo Credit: Hispanically Speaking News
Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón has announced a Sustainable Light Program.  Mexico is focused on reducing the country's overall energy consumption.  To this end, and as a part of the program, Mexico will begin to phase out higher energy light bulbs (incandescent and halogen).  Right now, it is offering a light bulb exchange program through the electric company CFE.  With your ID and most recent paid light bill, they will exchange -- without cost -- 4 incandescent bulbs with 4 compact fluorescent bulbs.  They project to replace over 23 million bulbs by the end of 2011.

The program not only helps its citizens reduce their energy bills, and the environment, it will also save the Mexican Government in the amount that they subsidize non-DAC electricity bills.

In other green news this week is the announcement that Mexico is #2, behind only Brazil, in the number of projects in Latin America funded through Carbon Credits via the Kyoto Treaty.

Wrapping up "green news":  Mexico has also announced a $500 million dollar investment by Baja Sun Energy SRL to produce solar energy.  This is Mexico's FIRST Solar Energy Company!

Way to Go Mexico!  Small Steps.  A Long Way to Go (**Ahem...Curbside Recycling**).  But Poco a Poco!!

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