Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ask A Realtor Workshop Attendees: I'm looking for your feedback

This post is for those who have attended on of our "Ask A Realtor Workshops" over this past high season. I am going to ask all of this past high season's attendees for a BIG favor...

If you attended one, could you take a moment to provide feedback to me? Your feedback is MUCH appreciated!!

  • Did you find the Workshop's information to be helpful?
  • Are there any topics that you would recommend that I add to the session?

You submit your feedback as a comment on this blog post or email it to me directly:

Each year, I add/subtract info to make the workshop more helpful for attendees. So, hearing your feedback is a great way to make adjustments.

I certainly look forward to our weekly sessions! I get to meet a lot of blog readers through them and enjoy sharing the info!

Our weekly "Ask A Realtor Workshops" will be back in December of 2012!

Best to you all!

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