Friday, June 8, 2012

July 1st: Mexico's Presidential Elections

As with any election season anywhere on the planet, one can hardly get around during these days without being bombarded by political signs. Mexico is no exception and the contest is in its final stretch.

On July 1st, Mexico will elect another President who will serve a 6 year term. (Presidents cannot run for re-election.)

Smartly, campaigning in Mexico is limited to 3 months. This year, there are 2 scheduled debates (a 3rd might be possible) prior to the elections.  Coming from a land of endless campaigning and debating, this is rather refreshing.

While I have lots of opinions on the upcoming election, I am not a voting citizen. So, I'll keep them to myself. But, if you have been following, you'll know that this year's election cycle has been interesting and has awakened a lot of voices that had been silent.

On July 1st, Mexico will decide its next leader. I think this election, potentially, a pivotal moment in Mexico's long history.

At the very least, here's to hoping the campaigns return to remove the signage when it's all over.

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