Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Community Activism Group Has Formed & Seeks Support

There is a new community activist group that has formed, Voces Unidas de Puerto Morelos (United Voices of Puerto Morelos).

They have produced the following two documents and are seeking support from fellow Puerto Morelians:

  1. They have created a declaration letter, which can be viewed here in Spanish, which states the mission of Voces Unidas de Puerto Morelos.  This letter is being signed through a notary in order to reflect the official support that the group has by Puerto Morelos Citizens.

    Anyone interested in signing their support to the group and their mission statement can sign at Notary 64 this week (June 11-15) from 9am to 5pm. Notary 64 is located on the second floor of the strip mall that is just north of the Puerto Morelos overpass, on the west side of Highway 307.

    In order to sign: Nationals need to present: IFE or passport and Proof of Address.  Foreigners will need to present: Passport, FM2/3/Residence Card and Proof of Address.  If you don't happen to be in Puerto Morelos, there is not a way to digitally sign or support this document.
  2. Wasting no time in fulfilling their mission they have also created an official denouncement letter siting several Puerto Morelos resorts that are being singled out for ethical, legal, or environmental issues.

    This petition can be signed at Cafe Amancia. If you are not in town and would like to lend your support, please send the following in an email to vocesunidaspuertomorelos@gmail.com:

    [YOUR FULL NAME] quiere incluir mi nombre en la denuncia. [YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS HERE]

Both documents are currently in Spanish. In the interest of getting the information out in time for those interested in signing, I wanted to distribute the info ASAP.

The group has said that they will be releasing English versions. I will post the English versions when/if they are received.  In the meantime, the letters can be copied/pasted into Google Translate for a translation.

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