Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Puerto Morelos Town Square: What do you think?

There has been some complaining in the press about the restaurants that put their tables & chairs in the street in front of their places in the evenings. Critics say that it is dangerous. Others find it part of the charm.

Since we on the subject of the Town Square -- I think it would be a GREAT idea if they shut the Town Square off to traffic starting at 5 pm! Then, restaurants could easily & safely pull out their tables & chairs. Families could stroll about. Artists could set up their wares. I think it would be quite lovely!

What is needed is Public Parking!! Currently, there is a privately owned lot that is south of the town square whose owner is kindly allowing the city to use as free public parking. However, this lot will eventually be developed and PoMo will be short on parking again.

WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Should businesses be allowed to use the streetsides? Do you think it's a good idea to close the park to car traffic in the evenings?

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  1. I think it's a great idea. But what about the local people who work off the pier and need to pull their trucks/cars in front of Martin's and the co-Op? Most of the people parked on that street (sorry I haven't a clue the name of it) in the evening are locals doing business rather than people enjoying the evening.

  2. Posting a comment that I received via email:

    I love your idea. No cars on the roads after 5 and let the restaurants and stores enjoy the sidewalk while pedestrians use the roads. Parking will be an issue but the town fathers can figure that one out.

  3. Posting a comment that I received via email:

    Shut down the square at 5:00 pm-great idea.
    Tables need to be outdoors-adds to PM"s ambience.

  4. Posting a comment I received via email:

    Another thought! The dangerous part of evenings is all the cars parked around on both sides of the streets around the town square with children darting between them, not the Restaurants with chairs on the sidewalks.

  5. I like to see the tables and chairs outside they look festive and inviting to holiday makers why cant Puerto have a traffic system where you go one way through the village and one way down the other side so that the square was free of traffic I agree it would be nice to sit outside but at the moment in the square all you see is traffic and fumes which deter diners , but we do need designated parking or car owners will not visit

  6. Posting a comment I received via email:

    I myself like the parking on the square.
    My knees are not in the best of shape so by the end of the they are a little sore. I never see great numbers of people hanging around the streets or park.
    The park is never crowded unless a special show is there.
    By not parking on the street I don't think would pull a lot more people down town. I would like to keep it low keyed and quaint.
    That is why Puerto is a great little town. We do not need busloads of people coming to see our little square.

  7. It's a multifaceted question, firstly, lack of paedestrian access in this town is well known. We are forced to walk on the road because of building permissions being given without adequate parking - there are 2 buildings with 3-4 apartments each just 3 doors down from Casa Caribe on Rojo Gomez where cars have to stick out into the street and we all have to walk on the road. Check out the new apartment building on the beach in front of Amar Inn, the parking they have could barely fit ONE Volkswagen. What about the people who build gardens on their front paths forcing people to walk on the street? What about the eyesore of the unfinished buildings on the town square and the unfinished sewerage works in front of Marviya? We have no building planning control that is the problem.
    Of course we should have chairs and tables on the street, it is part of our charm and eventually the area must be closed to traffic. It is however worth noting that last time there was press and comments about tables and chairs on the street it was only about the successful foreigner owned businesses, they were the only ones being targeted by Benito Juarez and fined. There was a blind eye turned to Mexican owned businesses doing the same thing. The article starts out bashing foreign owned businesses, continues blaming corruption on the foreigners who pay off the inspectors and continues in that vein ending with " assembled tremendous foolishness, where the smell of cannabis predominates and dreadlocks backpackers, drums and guitars come to light with scandals ending in the spring Port where they relieve themselves". Goodness me what do you think happens at the beach every weekend! me thinketh there is an agenda.

  8. Posting a comment I received via email:

    I agree, allow tables on the sidewalk and close the park to traffic.

  9. I think closing the streets around the square would further enhance the pedestrian friendly atmosphere of our little slice of paradise. However, I'm sympathetic to the concerns of locals getting to the dock, limited parking and those with limited mobility.

    Maybe we could transition to this by closing the section of street in front of the bookstore and the section in front of Mayan Riviera Properties.