Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Promising News for Those Who Travel with Pets

I had previously posted that Mexico was beginning enforce its long standing policy of not allowing pets to travel in the cabins of airplanes. They had notified many of the international airlines who were in violation of this policy and the airlines have since responded with changing their policies to ban in-cabin travel.

I received an update from a blog reader who kindly sent a list of airlines that had changed their policies and no longer accepted pets. (You can see this info in the comment section of my previous post.)

Not only does this policy affect many tourists and residents who travel with their pets, the enforcement of this policy was devastating for the various pet rescues that send happy pets back with their new owners.

Well, it looks like there is good news for pet owners! Mexican authorities have had a huge response and are listening! They have reportedly revised the policy yesterday and will be distributing notices to the airlines.

For those of you who are following this story, an excellent source of info can be found at this post on Jaltemba Bay Life Blog. She is regularly updating this post with the newest info that is available.

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