Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dragon Mart Update

Several articles published this week about the ongoing Dragon Mart Project.

The first article can be viewed here.  Mas o Menos Translation (the highlights are mine) of the article via Google Translate:

Now it will be until mid June 2013 when the opening of Dragon Mart to take place in Cancun. The initial projection announced in March 2011 was that in December 2012 the Asian market would open the world's largest in Cancun, but due to technical adjustments to the project construction has been postponed, he said.

Antonio Cervera Leon, president of the Association Owners and investors in the Riviera Maya (Apiqroo) and spokesman for the project in Quintana Roo. "The technical project is detailing and is in charge of Logistric, a company of Jalisco" he said. He also mentioned that the laying of the stone is seen between the months of May and June this year. In the absence of project definition, which has caused the concern of the footwear industry and federal authorities in Quintana Roo the Ministry of Economy (SE), which have been reported in previous publications Novedades de Quintana Roo of the Dragon Mart could be a threat to domestic industries by assuming the entry of more than two thousand five hundred Chinese enterprises, said: "There is a market such as Belize or Mexico City, the intention is to create a business center with exhibition, which mainly promote building materials. " However, the project developer said it is understandable concern that the project will also be a gateway to unfair trade practices and recognized that "everything must be set to the game, to avoid any future problem," ie, the technical project must be endorsed by not only federal and state. "That's why the project was delayed because they needed to review many technical problems, but will not come installed and manufacturing companies, which want to attract business tourism to close deals in the Dragon Mart and then the goods would go to the country end customer's home. "

On March 22, 2011 the State Government by Felix Gonzalez Canto said goodbye with the announcement of the construction of the Dragon Mart Cancunmesse made ​​in this city. The project was promised as the largest exhibition center and sell products in China. It was established that the area would be located near the airport in Cancun with an investment of $ 150 million in the first stage. In addition, the same day Gonzalez Canto administration signed an agreement with the director of Dragon Mart, Hao Fang, to facilitate an exchange of incentive.

Among the latest developments, Cervera Leon mentioned the meeting in Mexico state government in turn with Chinese embassy officials to discuss the possibility of direct flights between China and Cancun, to help promote tourism between these regions.

Directors of Dragon Mart present the project to business in the month of May is expected to Dragon Mart managers make a formal presentation of the project to local entrepreneurs, detailing where the axes of the shopping complex which was announced from 2011, which will have a vision awareness of the benefits of this initiative that turns to diversify the state's economy, announced the president of the Caribbean Business Council (CCEC), Francisco Cordova Lira. Interviewed after chairing the monthly meeting of this group, which served as a framework to ratify holder of the board, said looking to get as much information on Dragon Mart to clear the doubts about the initiative that has generated some concern and speculation in some quarters. However, the bottom line is not biased and distorted information design on this initiative. Cordova Lira mentioned that it's finally have all the elements to define a common position on the Dragon Mart, without this meaning that there will be entrepreneurs that show position but obviously clarity is required, hence the month of May, executives will meet with members of ACCA to transparent information. also denied that one year of the project was announced, is staking more well said, trying to follow a procedure through which to achieve consensus with the Chinese government as not just a project in Mexico, "Mexico's participation is like China, we see great value, is working well, but seeing otherwise requires transparency in the project to all sectors. " He mentioned that the project managers detailing the axes of Dragon Mart, leaving aside the effect of biased information to get a clear picture of this trading platform that seeks to diversify the state's economy. In that regard, he mentioned that once completed this process in relation to the project settings is possible that in 2013 could materialize the Dragon Mart. "Hopefully everything goes well, there is a consensus with the Chinese government and the appropriate procedures for next year will be a reality."

  • This potential project doesn't come without major concerns from some major players.  Here is the latest article highlighting concerns from Mexico's Manufacturing Industry.  
  • This article mentions that a Spring Festival 2013 is planned to be held in the facility.
  • This article mentions that China will have a 40% stake in the project, & Mexico and U.S. 30% each.

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  1. It would be quite an interesting article if it was written in real English and not in what appears to be a very bad Google translation from the original Spanish! Most of the sentences are just gobbledegook and only read as nonsense!
    Surely there is someone in Puerto Morelos who can actually speak English as well as Spanish, so that translated materials can be made to make sense when written in English! It reminds me of the hilarious 'instruction' leaflets which come with electronic products made in China or Korea.

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    As mentioned in the article, it has been translated with Google Translate. It is intended to give people a feel for the information. What is presented, along with my highlights, captures the important points of the article.

    I speak both English and Spanish, but unfortunately -- I don't blog for a living or for profit.

    However, if you are volunteering (or know of someone) with the time it would take to fully translate the articles that I post, I would happily accept!!


  3. Google Translate is not as bad as Anonymous would have us believe. I use it and fix parts of the translation when it does not make sense, which makes me feel better about my own ability to understand the language. In fact, literal translations actually point out misunderstandings that many people have about language and finding literal errors help to strenthen one's own grasp of the language. Thanks for the translation and for anyone who used to use Alta Vista's Babel Fish translator the improved and still improving version is at: