Sunday, November 8, 2009

Well, That Was Anticlimactic!

Ida came and she went.  Other than the wave being larger at the reef for a bit, we hardly noticed her go by.  And that is JUST FINE BY ME!

Some of the best news that Cancun's new beach didn't wash away into the waves!

Cancun began to restore the beaches recently, pumping sand back up to the shore, to combat the severe beach erosion that has been ongoing.

(They also undertook this project after Wilma.  They spent millions on restoration, but ignored recommendations to install backstops to prevent the sand from leaving.  So, it left.  Great move, eh?)

The mayor of Cancun has stated that Ida had little effect on the beach.  Her stronger waves have settle the fresh sand in some spots, making it appear as if there has been some that washed away, but it in fact it is all -- thankfully -- still there.

Whoo Hoo!  The sand made it!  ...Now only if they'll backstop it appropriately this time!!

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