Monday, November 9, 2009

It's SNOWING in Merida!! Gotta get to the Yucatan State Fair

In the rush to prepare for the no-show Hurricane Ida, I was unable to report that the Yucatan State Fair has began last Friday and runs through November 30th.

Guess what?  They have SNOW!  That's right, SNOW!  We're excited, and we are totally going!  They have made snow in Merida for toboggan runs, snowmen, and snowball fights.  They also have ice skating performances.

In addition to the cold stuff, they also have tons of exhibits:  artisan exhibits, birds of prey exhibits, dolphins, rodeo, agricultural, farm animals, Luchadores (those Mexican, Mask-wearing Wrestlers), Dog Shows, Clowns, Pig Races, boxing, body building, concerts, and more!

We are SO there!  I love a great fair!

I'd love to go this weekend.  We'll post photos from our trip!

Want to go?
  • Here is the website (it's a great site, by the way): 
  • The fair is located in Merida, about 10 km from the capital on the grounds of Hacienda X'Matkuil 
  • Insider tip:  If you are staying in Merida, there are buses that leave from the city and go directly to the fair.  Apparently, this is the way to go as parking is notoriously horrendous.

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