Thursday, November 19, 2009

Casa de la Cultura Schedule

The Casa de la Cultura is fantastic in Puerto Morelos!  If you are going to be spending some time here this winter, consider getting into a class that you enjoy -- there are LOTS to choose from.

I take yoga two mornings per week and really enjoy it!

Here is their Schedule of Classes.  In addition, they will be hosting lots of special events through the winter/spring.  We'll be sure to add them to the community events calendar (seen at the bottom of this blog page).

For those that aren't familiar, the idea behind a Casa de la Cultura is to offer community classes (with local instructors) and educational programs for little cost, making them accessible to anyone who is interested.  Puerto Morelos is fortunate enough to have an incredible Casa de la Cultura that offers lots of great classes -- at super prices.  They are completely non-profit, do not receive any grants or government funding, and always appreciate donations to maintain their facilities and offer classes.  Donations are tax deductible, always appreciated, and always needed!

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