Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ida is on her way...

According to the latest from the National Hurricane Center, Ida will most likely hit the area with Tropical Storm strength.  She is gaining strength, but looks to be getting to us on the verge of becoming a category 1 hurricane. 

The properties are shuttered.  Food has been bought.  Candles are at ready.  Birds are inside, not happy, but inside all the same.  Dog is already acting wierd.  The fish -- well the fish in the fountain are on their own.

We are ready to be hunkered down tomorrow.

There are only two slight hiccups with tomorrow's plan...
  1. Josh is expected to fly in tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.  Any bets on whether his plane lands?
  2. Our own hurricane, Easton, -- along with his brother/partner in crime, Caden -- is going to be cooped up all day inside.  May the force be with me! :)

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