Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Puerto Morelian Spotlight: El Mundo Para Puerto Morelos Charity

The first story, submitted by fellow Puerto Morelian, Catriona Brown, in 'Puerto Morelian Spotlight' Series features the charity, El Mundo Para Puerto Morelos.  Enjoy!

Like many great ideas, El Mundo para Puerto Morelos, was created one evening in a bar.  In the aftermath of devastating hurricanes Wilma and Emily in October, 2005, a group of local expats were made aware of a disturbing problem in one of the primary schools.  With an enrollment of 700 and a water system damaged by the storms, the students and faculty were only able to flush the toilet twice a day, and had no water for hand washing.  The locals responded by reaching into their pockets asking how much it would cost.  Thus began the organization and establishment of El Mundo para Puerto Morelos, SC, (The World for Puerto Morelos), and its first project of successfully replacing the school’s entire water system.

From this random beginning, EMPPM has evolved into a thriving charitable organization, completing enumerable projects aimed at making life better for all the inhabitants of Puerto Morelos.  We are certified as non-profit in Mexico and in the United States, as a 5013 (c) charitable organization.  Our focus has been on enriching the lives of everyone in the community through maintenance and improvement in the areas of health, education, and welfare.

With the help of tourists, friends, expats, and local residents we have been able to tackle major issues in our community, aiding the emergency responders, medical clinics, and educational facilities with special programs, supplies, and equipment.  We look forward to continuing this assistance through contributions and donations from our supporters, both worldwide and local.

If you would like to help with your time and/or donations, please check our website at www.emppm.com (coming soon), or the newsletter, Que Pasa?, at www.catinmexico.blogspot.com.

Email enquiries to catbrown@emppm.com.

To donate in the US: checks to El Mundo para Puerto Morelos, sent to our on-the-ground coordinator, Kay McMillan, 4115 Honeycomb Rock Circle, Austin, Texas, 78731-2015.  You will receive official acknowledgement for tax purposes.

Donations in Puerto Morelos can be left at Mama's Bakery or Dive in Puerto Morelos, or call 998 159 8890 and we will pick up your offering.

El Mundo para Puerto Morelos: A Charity for Families Determining the Need, Implementing the Solution

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