Thursday, February 2, 2012

It is time for you to invest in Puerto Morelos! The timing has never been better!

It is time for you to invest in Puerto Morelos!

You've come down on vacation, you've been here to escape the snow, now you're contemplating buying your piece of paradise. Let me tell you that now is a fantastic time to invest!

Puerto Morelos has shown to be an excellent long term investment. While prices are off from their all-time peak, they have held fantastically well in the wake of the worst financial crisis in memory. How many investments can demonstrate this type of stability -- even in rough times?

I am often asked why Puerto Morelos Investments have remained so stable, in comparison to other vacation home markets in Florida, Arizona, and even than other parts of the Mayan Riviera.  Let me tell you why:

  1. Owned Properties! Properties in Puerto Morelos are owned as cash assets. Most Mexican properties are purchased with cash.  Therefore, Puerto Morelos isn't littered with properties in foreclosure. Widespread foreclosure means that neighbors' homes are selling for a fraction of their value, sending prices of all area properties plummeting.
  2. Puerto Morelos is in limited quantity! What you see is what you get! Aside from a few streets that need to be completed, Puerto Morelos is as basically as large as it is ever going to be.  Strict restrictions on density and growth limit its size.  This has created an exclusive enclave of oceanside properties with intrinsic value.
  3. Great Location! As we know, Puerto Morelos is only 15 minutes from the Cancun Airport, and 30 minutes from both Cancun and Playa del Carmen.  These great towns can be easily reached when adventure is on your mind, but you can quickly return to the sleepy tranquility of Puerto.
  4. The Puerto Morelos National Park. The National Park is our greatest asset. The reef's forms a barrier to block the big waves, making an excellent beach -- especially for swimmers and children. The Park's protections limit water traffic.  No jet skis, no racing boats, it's unadulterated nature.
  5. Puerto Morelos's Authenticity. Being an authentic Mexican village is our niche among the unique towns along the Mayan Riviera Coast. Our festivals, Casa de la Cultura, local fisherman and market, and holiday celebrations give Puerto Morelos's visitors and authentic glimpse of the relaxed lifestyle that this beach town offers.

So why should you consider investing now?  I truly think that there has never been a better time to buy! We've got some great prices on truly fantastic properties. This isn't picked-over leftovers! We've got reasonable prices on some of the best properties in town at every point.

The long term investment factor in Puerto Morelos is real!  Puerto Morelos is situated to become an exclusive oceanfront enclave of very desireable property. Infrastructural improvements, potential commercial investments on nearby highway property [If you've been following this blog, you know that the Dragon Mart and Medical City Projects are slated for Puerto Morelos.], and the historical stability of the investments made here make strong arguments for investment!

I talk to people all of the time that they want me to tell them about "good deals".  Interested in "good deals"?  Then contact me! We've got great options to offer you!

Have questions about living/working/owning in Mexico? I host a free weekly workshop each Tuesday at 5pm. I would love to chat with you and get your questions answered!

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