Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Puerto Morelos: Little of This, Little of That

  • Big Thanks to "All About Cancun" for the shout out their recent article: 3 Great Blog About Living in Cancun.  [We got honorable mention because we feature Puerto Morelos -- but I'll take it!  ;) ]
  • Puerto Morelos Travel Log:  The Sugartarian recently visited Puerto Morelos and snapped some gorgeous photos of our deserted September Beach!  Here is the link to Part 1 of her Puerto Morelos trip.  Looking forward to seeing Part 2!
  • A recent article about Quintana Roo and its new evolution as a destination has lots of interesting info.
  • The Tres Rios Resort will be hosting a course on Permaculture, if that topic peaks your fancy.  Rates are very reasonable.  I am considering going -- not sure why, but the topic has got me interested. Are you?
  • Great Article about the new limitations on using USD in Mexico.  If you don't want to read the article, you can read my cliff notes --  Cliff Notes Version:  PLAN ON USING PESOS WHILE YOU ARE HERE.  YOUR USD WILL PROBABLY NOT BE ACCEPTED.
    It's Adios for me, folks.  I am outta here next week to satisfy my "horse fix"  and watch the World Equestrian Games being hosted for the first time in this HEMISPHERE, in Lexington, Kentucky.  Can't wait to see the games and smell horses again!

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