Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Mexico! Puerto Morelos Celebrates Independence Day 2010!

Mexico as an independent country turned 200 today!  Happy Independence Day! 

Celebration of the Bicentennial Anniversary has been a huge deal throughout the country and it is celebrating for an entire year!

Puerto Morelos has been celebrating since Saturday.  Events hit a crescendo with Wednesday night's celebration in the park -- complete with the Grito of !Viva Mexico! and fireworks shot off from the fisherman's pier.  They wrapped up this morning with a 7 a.m. parade in the park. (Who picks the start time of that one, by the way??)

Hope you enjoy some of our highlights:

My Revolutionary, Caden - Ready for his School's Independence Day Party

Caden practices juggling in the Park -- apparently the dancers weren't holding his attention at this point

Easton enjoys his Quesadillas from the Food Vendors

Dancers in the Park

El Grito in Puerto Morelos

Parade.  How cute is she??


Does it get any better??

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