Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My White Heron, A ?? Bird, and The Yucatan Bird Festival

In my continuing quest to identify/name the animals I see...

I have grown quite fond of a particular Great White Heron that often makes her way through the open lot (the one next to Las Tortugas Condominiums), on her trek to the beach.

She (at least I like to think she's a "she" -- some true birders may know better than I) is so regal - with almost a snobby air about her.  

I was pleasantly surprised to see her back this August and got a few shots of her before she flew out of sight and closer to the beach.  We've seen her for 3 summers in a row now!  And hope to see her return next year!

On another note, we had an unexpected visitor in the yard this week.  A small birdie graced us with a visit.  He was cute as a button and appeared to have hurt his foot.  So, he was using our yard as a resting place to regain his bearings.  In a short time, he and his partner flew off again on their way...

However, I can't figure out what this little guy is.  I thought he might be a "Grace's Warbler", but the eye markings don't match up.  I can't seem to find this guy on any of the Yucatan Bird Websites.  Anybody with a guess?

Are you into birdwatching?  If so, the Yucatan is a great place to visit!  This is a world class Birdwatchers' Destination!!  The Yucatan Bird Festival is coming up: November 19-21st! 

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