Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hecho a Mano -- Looks like a GREAT book series!

I was perusing Sanborn's book selection and came across these two books:  Mexico: Hecho a Mano - Sur and Mexico: Hecho a Mano - Centro.

Hopefully, they'll be two of a continuing series featuring Mexican Folkart by region.  So far, the publishers have "Centro" (central) and "Sur" (south) regions in hardcover, coffee table books.

I am a total sucker for Mexican folkart and these are definately on the "To Be Purchased" list.  I plan to use them for inspiration in selecting the next location for our annual Mexico trip with friends Ron and Sue.  However, with a pricetag of 495 pesos each, I am searching for a better price.

They sure would make a great gift!  [HINT, HINT:  Josh, are you listening?]

If anyone is interested, here is their ISBN numbers:
  • Centro: 978 970 9726-81-7
  • Sur: 978 970 8280-09-9
Please let a comment below if you happen to find them at a better price!