Monday, March 15, 2010

It's TIGRES Season! WhooHoo for Baseball!

Tigres Season starts up with the season opener against Merida on Wednesday night!! 

This year, we are splitting season tickets with neighbors Ken & Kathy and are looking forward to some great games!  For those of you who haven't gotten to see the Cancun Tigres play, it's a great game, good entertainment, excellent people-watching, incredible food, great drinks, ...and...CHEAP!  That's right, CHEAP!  You don't need to complete a loan application at these games to stuff yourself and enjoy great seats -- whatta' concept!

The stadium is located near Costco in Cancun.  Tickets are very reasonable and can be purchased at the door.  Although, lines for popular games are long -- so it's best to stop by earlier in the week to pick up tickets.

The teams website is:  They have their calendar thoroughly hidden and non-printable on their website, so I have went to ridiculous lengths to get and edit the screenshots below for everyone's convenience (including my own).  If the game is a Home Game ("En Casa) there is an orange stripe at the top of the date box.  If it's an Away Game ("Como Visitante") there's a blue stripe.

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