Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to Register Your Mexican Cell Phone by April 10th

Mexico has passed a law that all cellular phones must be registered to their owner by April 10th.  (That's the wierd message you keep getting on your phone lately if you haven't done it yet.)  

Why?  As of February 2009, Mexico has a new law that requires all  cell phones users register their phones in an attempt to track cell phones if used to commit a crime.  [Obviously, most criminals are not going to commit crimes using cell phones registered in their own name -- so I am not optimistic on the practical outcome of this policy -- But that's neither here nor there...]

So, to register your phone you will need to submit your CURP number via text message to your cell phone provider.  There are other methods to register as well, but all depend on the fact that you are registered with a CURP number.  If you don't have a CURP, none of the methods will actually work to register your phone. Each cell phone service (i.e. Telcel, USAcell, NEXTEL, Moviestar) is different, so check online with your provider for instructions.  

Don't have a CURP?  Then, you will need to go to a main office of your cell phone provider, with your phone and passport.  They can register your phone manually using your passport number.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to register your cell phone via text message. 

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