Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tigres on the selling block! :(

News broke over the weekend that the Cancun Tigres are up for grabs.  If purchased, they'll likely be leaving Cancun.

Anybody happen to know anyone who would want to buy a hometown baseball team?? ;)  They're a great team!  They made the Mexico National Championship Series last year.

If sold, it means no more games (which are fabulous if you haven't been), no more yummy choripan, no more palomas, and no more Chacho (the ever entertaining team mascot)!!  It also means that I'll have to throw my Tigres T-Shirts with my Cancun Langosteros Shirts (our last team that was sold) in that pile of work shirts/rags.

Go Tigres!  Hopefully a hometown hero will buy them to keep them, the food, and drinks flowing out of the stadium next season!