Sunday, September 27, 2009

Living Green in Puerto Morelos!

Green Cleaning Products, Household Products, and Recycling are becoming easier and easier to find.  Lately, there has been a huge improvement in biodegradable products offered.

RECYCLING:  A large recycling collection is taken in the town square the last Saturday of each month.  They accept batteries, computer equipment, Plastics #1 & #2, and cardboard.  You can also drop off your plastics and cardboard outside the DIF office (on Av. Rojo Gomez) any time.  Glass recycling receptacles (as well plastic, etc.) can be found outside of Sam's Club.

Here is a shopping guide to help you the next time you head off to the store:

1. TRASH BAGS:  There is a popular line of Biodegradable Trash Bags called "Costalitos".  They come in lots of sizes, they have drawstrings, and I've found them to be just as sturdy as normal bags...except these degrade in the elements in 6-9 months!  I've seen them at most of the major grocery stores.

2. "GREEN WORKS" CLEANING PRODUCTS BY CLOROX:  Walmart/Superama seem to carry the widest selection of these products - which is one of the only 'green line' of products I've seen on grocery shelves.  I use the concentrated cleaner (the one on the far left of the photo) and the toilet cleaner.  All of the products are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Their concentrated cleaner costs about 35 pesos for the bottle and it makes almost 55 LITERS of cleaning solution!  I use it for almost everything.  It's great for floors, bathrooms, tile, counters, etc.  I dilute it about 25% less than recommended and put the stronger solution in a spray bottle to degrease/clean the stove and kitchen (rather than buying the already diluted all purpose solution -- the second bottle from the right in the photo).

3.  VINEGAR:  Aside from the 2 cleaners mentioned above, I buy vinegar by the gallon from Sam's or Costco.  I mix  the solution with water 50/50 and use it to clean windows and mirrors.  I mix it 75% vinegar/25% water, spray my faucets, wait 2 minutes and clean off all of the hard water residue.

4.  LAUNDRY DETERGENT:  I have had the hardest time finding biodegradable laundry products!  Sam's Club carried a detergent for a little while, but I haven't seen it the last 2 times I was there.  Does anyone know of something available?

5. PAPER PLATES:  Unfortunately, styrofoam is still KING in Mexico, when it comes to disposable plates, cups, etc.  However, Costco does sell Paper Plates in bulk.  There is also a biodegradable, "Chinet" like plate sold at Walmart/Superama -- who used to carry a corn-based plate that was quite cool :(

Do you know of other Green Products or other places selling Green Products available?  If so, please leave a comment with your info!