Friday, September 25, 2009

Have You Seen One of These?

[ POST UPDATE: Puertomorelian Biologist, Jill, came across this post and has shared some additional info about this creature: Just for the record, they are ARACHNIDS, not insects.  They do have 4 pairs of legs, the last 3 are for walking and the 1st are modified "whips" for sensing. These 1st legs which are extremely long are used to monitor everything within a wide circle around the animal, exploring objects with a delicate tapping motion.  The appendages in the front are used to c apture prey and can give a sharp pinch if necessary.  (gulp)
Your friendly biologist,
 Jill ]

Moving to the tropics was quite an eye-opener for this Michigander!  I have learned from, and adapted to, the climate.  It's now one that I enjoy and prefer -- but not without bumps in the road, a few things lost to mold, and socks that forever are losing their elasticity.

One of the aspects I have found most interesting is the process is becoming acquainted with an entirely new world of animals, insects, and plants that thrive in this climate.  Some are big, some are small, some are exotic, some are scary.  We've got the creepy, the crawly, the good, bad, and ugly!

For me, most of these exotics still remain unnamed.  So, this blog has given me some incentive to start identifying and sharing some of the stranger, wierder, and/or more beautiful things that I have run across.

I thought I'd start with the insect that scared, still scares, and will continue to scare the hell out of me every time I come across one...[*insert drumroll here*]

May I present you with the TAILESS WHIP SCORPION!

Thankfully, these guys have been pretty rare!  But they are uber-creepy!!  They look like a giant spider, but with only 6 legs and whip-like antennae.  Wait for's the best part...they have these giant pincher claws that they extend at you when you get to close!

Now, this picture doesn't do them justice.  You really have to watch the video file to see one in action.  It might take a bit to load, but it's worth the wait!

Here's a fun little video from

Has anyone else seen these things??

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