Friday, March 3, 2017

Closings in Puerto Morelos!

March will be filled with Closings! Some of these are sales that are wrapping up after Kim's departure from our office. To keep things consistent for buyers, she is continuing to represent them through the closings of their sale.

Congrats to the new owner's of the Craft's beautiful home in Puerto Morelos! Welcome to Puerto Morelos!!

This particular home was listed by fellow AMPI member, Ana through Sotheby's. When you work with an AMPI Realtor, we can show you anything listed on the market --- just as you would be accustomed to doing at home! 

Congrats to MRP Client, Daniele, on the sale of her awesome condo! New buyers, Kent and Becki Mann, are longtime friends of the office. Excited to finally have you two as "Official" Puerto Morelians! 

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