Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Puerto Morelos Update

Hello Puerto Morelians!

We've been fairly quiet on the blog front this summer. Partly because things have been pretty tranquilo. Partly because there are Facebook Groups doing a great job of disseminating info faster than we can post about it!

All that being said, we are beginning to gear up for high season! (Can you believe it's around the corner again already??)

So, here's a quick rundown of things that are happening/have happened/or that might be of interest to you ----

Sargasso Seaweed: 

We seem to have been relieved of the mounds of Sargasso Seaweed that was floating onto all of the Caribbean Coastlines. According to this article, the Mexican Government has appointed 65 million pesos in beach clean up. Some of those funds are going to be used to purchase boats to assist. The article also concurs with the locals' observations, saying that the influx of seaweed has been reduced by 80%.

Puerto Morelos to be a new Municipality:

Puerto Morelos recently became its own municipality, meaning that we will no longer be a part of
Benito Juarez as before. This change will occur over the next several years as Puerto Morelos still lacks the staff/infrastructure to be completely on their own.

This change hasn't occurred without controversy. In a sly move, Puerto Morelos was granted their independence, but the state government also gerrymandered the new boundary lines of the municipality, omitting the Moon Palace and the "Golden Mile" of beach to its south. Clearly, this is a large loss of tax revenue to Puerto Morelos and no one (from Puerto, at least) is happy with the creative line drawing. A group called "Soy Latitud 21" (‪#‎soylatitud21‬) has formed to protest this move and have the original boundary of Latitude 21 be respected. If you wish to join in, you can sign their online petition.

House Hunters is back!

Always fun!! Mayan Riviera Properties is back to filming with House Hunters International! We'll
keep you posted as soon as we have the air dates!

Help! Puerto Morelos Community Events Calendar:

A FREE Community Events Calendar has been created for tourists and locals to be able to know what is happening in town on any given day. It's a Crowdsourced Resource, so it's only going to be as good as its users! So, help us by adding any events that you see and encouraging local businesses to post. Visit to see events and post what you find!

Puerto Morelos Fine Dining:

Have you tried the 14-Course Meal at Le Chique? It just received kudos from CNN's Insider Guide to Cancun. Apparently the restaurant located in Azul Sensatori is excellent! If it tastes anything like the article's photo, I'm all in. 14 courses and seven wine parings! I haven't tried it, but it might be on my To-Do list very soon! If you try it, let us know how it goes!

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