Sunday, December 21, 2014

Changes to TIP Car Importations

People ask me all of the time about importing foreign vehicles. When you bring a car from another country across the
Mexican border, it is issued a Temporary Import Permit (TIP).

Long story, short:

  • You can only do it if you have a Tourist Visa or a Temporary Residency Visa. (Permanent Residents may not have foreign plated vehicles.)
  • If you have a Tourist Permit and bring your vehicle across the border, your vehicle's TIP is only good for the length of time of that SAME tourist visa that you imported it with. So, if you leave Mexico without your vehicle, that vehicle is illegal.
  • Each person is allowed 1 TIP. The vehicle's title must be in that person's name.
  • If you have a Temporary Residency Visa, you must renew your TIP permit.
  • Personal 2 Cents: TIPs are a huge pain. Don't do it unless you plan to cruise around Mexico for a short time and then return in your vehicle. If you live here, get a car here.

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