Monday, October 7, 2013

Wait! Don't Connect Your New Dryer Just Yet!

Wait!! Did you know that that you cannot just begin using your new Dryer you bought in Mexico?

Most dryers (especially if they are imported) come factory-installed with a gas attachment for Natural Gas gas, rather than propane. Here in Mexico, the gas is propane, not Natural Gas. 

But here's the tricky part: Physically, you can still attach the lines - even though the dryer doesn't have the appropriate type of fittings. The Natural Gas fittings will let too much propane into your dryer, which can cover your clothes in soot, ruin the dryer, or even start a fire.

All dryer manufacturers will send a tech out, for free, to install the correct propane fitting kit. Just give the 01-800 number that came with your new dryer a call to set up an appointment. Usually, they are out in just a few days.

Most locals don't use dryers, it's mostly us crazy gringos. So, it used to be quite common for your plumber to not know about needing to switch the fittings. Now, many of them are used to us gringos drying our clothes, rather than using free sun and wind. It's not the problem that it used to be, but it is still worth the reminder --- especially for those do-it-yourselfers.

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