Friday, March 29, 2013

Updates to Rules for Foreign Plated Cars

Yucalandia recently posted this article, which gives an excellent summary of how the new immigration rules apply to those of you that have Foreign Plated Vehicles in Mexico.

Long story short: If you have Permanent Residency, your vehicle needs to leave. If you have have Temporary Residency, your vehicle can stay.

If your vehicle needs to go, be sure to click the link as they give an exhaustive list of how to get your vehicle out legally if it needs to go.

If you decide to buy a foreign plated vehicle, remember: THE VEHICLE CANNOT BE SOLD TO YOU IN MEXICO. IT WILL NOT BE LEGAL. PERIOD. The vehicle must be taken outside of the country of Mexico (Belize is the closest border for us), sold, and re-imported by the new owner.

As an aside, have I talked you out of bringing your car here yet? Save yourself the headache; just buy one here. (...says the Gringa with 2 foreign plated vehicles scheduled for export in May.)

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