Sunday, October 14, 2012

Community Activism Efforts Ongoing: Dolphinarium, Dragon Mart, & Port Expansion

There are several ongoing community activism projects that are ongoing. I wanted to share them with you, in case you want to be involved.

Dragon Mart:

Readers know that I have written several updates on the pending Dragon Mart construction project. Here on this blog, I have been skeptical about how it benefits Mexico's economy in the long term. In addition, there others echoing the economic impact on Mexican manufacturing and environmental impact issues related to the construction of the project.

There are 2 petitions.

Dolphinarium at Moon Palace:

The Moon Palace is expanding their dock to accommodate a dolphinarium for "Swim with Dolphin" type of activities. Activists are protesting this activity -- which is within our National Park. Here is the article with photos of the signs that citizens have hung on the dock posts which have been installed.

Expansion of the Commercial Pier in Puerto Morelos to include Fuel Refill Capabilities:

This opportunity is for those Puerto Morelians with their IFE or FM2/3. 

To complete this petition:
  1. Download this letter
  2. Change the 2 XXXXXXX places to your full name
  3. Print Letter
  4. Sign your signature at the bottom
  5. Make a copy of your ID: FM2/3 or IFE
  6. Submit the completed letter and copy of your ID to the National Park Office
According to the info that I received, this needs to be submitted to the National Park Office, located within the UNAM laboratory property, by the end of the day on MONDAY, OCTOBER 15. Not much time for this one...

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