Monday, September 19, 2011

Puerto Morelos Update

Hello All!  It's been awhile!

Finishing up the dog days of summer and town is pretty empty.  It is not unusual for this time of year to be 'muy tranquilo' as this is the time that we tend to catch up on our annual rainfall.  However, if you are looking for a great time to come down when it isn't busy, September/October and May are the best!  Let us know if you want to head down for a quick trip!  We've got great last minute deals on Puerto Morelos Vacation Rentals!!

In other Mayan Riviera Properties news:  We've added Long Term Rentals and Commercial Rentals to our website.  If you have a long term or commercial property, please let our Rental Manager -- Laura Lecchi [] -- know and she'll be happy to add you onto our website!

As some of you know, our family headed for the hills on a much-needed break this summer and had a wonderful time.  Caden is back in school and is in the first grade.  He attends the bilingual school, El Papelote, in Playa del Carmen.  We are very happy with their system, and Caden really enjoys his class.  I may be finding Easton a preschool play group.  If I do, I'll relay the info for any moms out there who might be interested.

There is a great new aerial tour of Puerto Morelos and its surrounding areas.  Check it out by clicking here.  Be sure to use the menu in the top left corner to see the various regions.

Local author Jeanine Kitchel has just re-released her book "Where the Sky is Born" in a ebook edition for $9.99.  It's one person's adventure in settling in Quintana Roo, with Puerto Morelos playing a starring role.

There is also great news for Tequila Lovers!  Don Julio is celebrating their 70th birthday and has introduced the world's first Anejo Claro Tequila!  I am often asked about tequila and which is a good one to buy for a gift.  I always recommend Don Julio.  It is a great quality at a reasonable price.  I haven't tried the new Anejo Claro, but will have to do so soon!

For the last few weeks Josh and I have been on a cleanse diet and are feeling exceptional.  As a part of the diet, we are not eating glutens, dairy, or refined sugars.  I thought I would pass on the info that I have regarding foods that I have found to accommodate special diets.  Despite my initial skepticism, I have found lots of products -- alternative grains, agave sweetener, alternative grain flours, and raw nuts in Cancun.

One great store is called "Greenery", which is located in the Plaza Peninsula on Bonampak Avenue.  The Plaza is just a block or so before you get to the Plaza Las Americas Mall.  Greenery offers lots of organic foods, breads, and alternative grain flours.

I was also surprised to find a lot of good options at CIM.  CIM is located in Market 23 -- tucked into the corner near the supermarket San Fransisco de Assis.  I have always went to CIM for my baking supplies, but I found out that they have quinoa, quinoa flour, almond flour, raw nuts, and more!

I haven't managed to track down any millet or buckwheat.  If anyone knows of where to locate it, I'd be greatful if you'd share the info by leaving a comment on this blog post!, whom I've mentioned in the past, is a great place to find your favorite Mexican foods when you aren't visiting Puerto Morelos.  They have a great blog with yummy recipes and great how-to articles.  They just posted a good one about Roasting, Peeling, and Freezing Chilies -- just be sure to click on the link at the end of the summary to view the full article.

I recently received an update (Thanks Karen!) about the Miami-Yucatan Ferry.  They had hoped to be operational in 2011.  It doesn't look like they are going to make that deadline, but the project is not shelved.  They are still working diligently and hope to begin offering services in 2012.  I'll keep you posted if I hear any further updates...

On a parting note, I have been taking riding lessons and loving it!  We recently had a show in Bonfil, an area between Cancun and Puerto Morelos.  If anyone is interested in riding, the barn as excellent lesson horses, affordable rates, and speak English.

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