Sunday, April 10, 2011

Show your Interest in the Miami-Yucatan Ferry by taking this survey...

I received this survey via email this week.  Feel free to take it and send it to the email address included below (not to me)...

Dear Expats & Snowbirds:
I have been contacted by Fernando Pereira, the Commercial Manager of the Port of Progreso. Fernando is in charge of developing the ferry project and will be meeting with investors next week.  He needs as much information as possible to present to the investors as there is a good chance this project will go forward as soon as November of this year. Fernando has requested hard facts, which as we all know, are difficult to produce. Therefore, we need as many responses as possible to gain as much information as possible before the meeting next week.

Fernando needs to know how many expats live in the Yucatan. Estimates are there are around 3000 of us; if anyone knows of a way to verify this we would appreciate the information. However, we know that many snowbirds will be interested in using the ferry service so we would like to compile a total number of both expats and snowbirds in the Yucatan. Therefore, I would ask you to please forward this email to all your expat contacts who live anywhere in the Yucatan and any and all American and Canadian snowbirds you know.

Please reply by email to and answer the following questions:
1. How many people are in your "group"?
2. How many months of the year do you live in the Yucatan?
3. Will you use a ferry service if it is available from Tampa, FL to Progreso, Yucatan?
4. If so, how many times a year would you use this service?
5. Will you bring a vehicle on the ferry?
6. If so, what kind of vehicle? IE. car, SUV, RV, motorcycle
7. Are you interested in cargo shipment?
8. Are you interested in pet service?
9. Do you want your email address on a mailing list with news of the ferry service and other Progreso news?

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I look forward to your reply.

Best Regards,
Tamara Magnusson

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