Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Puerto Morelos Update

Well, the rains have come!  A real drag for our visitors, but much needed.  They have put a halt on the encroaching wildfires.

Other than that, Puerto Morelos has officially entered the dog days of summer.  Our usual tropical heat and humidity are keeping us locals near the water.  If you are headed down soon, bring an umbrella and a bathing suit.  Pretty sure that is all you will need while you are here!  ;)

Our sleepy town has been in the news quite a bit of late.  So, to keep you updated...

Puerto Morelos became an Alcaldia.  However, via slight-of-hand politics, the Cancun politicians allowed Puerto Morelos to become an Alcaldia while simultaneously re-configuring the towns limits.  New limits conveniently carve out the Moon Palace (and all of its tax dollars) and designate its lands to Cancun.  Now that we are an Alcaldia, we will be electing a Mayor, rather than a Delegado.  Elections will be held soon and there are 3 persons already campaigning for the new position.

The Dragon Mart project seems to be off to a slow start.  This CNN article discusses where things are currently at (read:  walking around looking at land).  The fact that shovels are not in the ground seems to make the ambitious projected timeline of a grand opening in  November 2012 doubtful.

This article reports that funds have been appropriated to build a National Center for Tourism school in Puerto Morelos.

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