Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Climate Change Conference: Its Effect on Puerto Morelos

Well, the Climate Change Conference is leaving its mark in Puerto Morelos.  

On a great note, the overpass that was installed for this Convention is finished.  I can't wait to be able to drive from Cancun to Tulum without a stoplight!  Hopefully they will finish the others in Playa del Carmen soon!

On a good note, it has allowed the Puerto Morelos area to take center stage with environmentalists.  Hopefully, those close to the National Park and the mangroves in Puerto Morelos are networking like crazy.  This presents a great opportunity to put the natural treasures of Puerto Morelos under the wing of the international environmental community's protection and watchful eye.

On a hopeful note, I am planning on taking the kiddos to the FREE Climate Change Village.  Are you going?

On a humorous note, Mexico decided to install a giant windmill near the Conference Center.  It went up super fast and just before the Conference was set to start.  We have all chuckled that it is plugged into a generator onsite ;)  However, Presidente Calderon participated in its inauguration and says its a promising sign of Mexico's potential for harvesting wind power.

On a not-so-good note, traffic has been terribly snarled by the crazy one-lane-each-way-detour that they have set up on the highway.  It took staff from our office 5 hours to get to work yesterday morning!  It's actually faster to go through Central Vallarta and Leona Vicario to get to Cancun -- can you imagine that.  To make things worse, rumor has it that there is going to be a protest on December 7th that is going to shut down 307 completely.

On a horrendous note, the fishermen of Puerto Morelos were notified on Friday that as of yesterday (Monday) they could NOT fish or take snorkelers inside our reef FOR 12 DAYS!!!  This was done as a security measure, but it leaves an vital part of our community unemployed, without notice, just before the holidays.  While they are trying to negotiate a compromise, the last-minuteness of the ban has put everyone on their heels.

Fellow Puerto Morelians, you know that I don't normally use the blog to get on a soapbox to urge others to action, but I am officially calling all residents to join in, spread the word, and take part:  WHEN THE PORT RE-OPENS IN TWO WEEKS, EVERYONE PLEASE MAKE A POINT OF BUYING SEAFOOD FROM THE FISHERMAN'S MARKET AND/OR TAKE A SNORKELING TRIP!! Maybe its been awhile since you've done either.  I know I am overdue.  The extra business will help them immensely this holiday season!!

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